Militant resistance arises when police and governmental repression will it to arise. The illegitimacy of the state becomes apparent commensurate to the heightening of the police state. As it becomes unfeasibly widespread, prevalent, and destructive to the people, the spirit of the people’s struggle rises unto the hearts of the general populace. Thus, assaults to the protestors are equivalent to assaults on the people at large. When the incumbent administrations fail to address these assaults and thusly become complicit in them, militant resistance becomes inevitable and advisable, being the only manner of defending the people against the perpetual insult of an obviously evil, corrupt, and useless government. These conditions are not assumed by the people, but proven by the government and its police forces themselves. In this way, the government-perpetrated violence creates the violence with which it is met when it has proven its own oppressive illegitimacy.

The people will not be crushed, they will not be silenced, they will not be frightened indefinitely. Once you prove yourself an enemy of the people, the first of the people to fight you will inspire ten more who will each inspire ten more. The outcome will be your ultimate destruction that you have created and the rise of the People.