As long as the status quo of America originates from the white race, there will never be a true white stereotype to adequately ridicule the “tendencies” of white people in the same way that stereotypes have perpetrated and perpetuated misinformation regarding the characters of non-white ethnicities.

Consider what a stereotype is: a compilation of reputed tendencies intended to represent the character of all members of the community to which the stereotype refers. For example, an African-American stereotype would probably involve the eating of watermelon. A Mexican stereotype might refer to the stereotypically dispositional Mexican trait of laziness.

These traits hearken back to earlier times, when these ethnic groups first became well-known to the white race. They are behaviors that are noticed early on among the members of an ethnic group and are repeatedly noticed until they become identified with the ethnic group as a whole.

Therefore, a white stereotype of this sort, invented by non-white ethnic groups upon first encountering white people, would reveal the white man’s early and continuing tendencies: his “tendency” to exterminate Native Americans, his “tendency” to enslave Africans, his “tendency” to spread community-shattering religion, his “tendency” to deprive Black people of their rights and criminalize their very existence, his “tendency” to deprive other races of opportunity, his “tendency” to economically enslave other nations and to support oppression within those nations, and his “tendency” to do all of this and more without courage, remorse, or accountability.

I use quotation marks around the word “tendency” to indicate that a racial stereotype doesn’t truly reflect the tendencies of the entire race, that a stereotype only supposes such characteristics. Yet, as is often said correctly or incorrectly, “all stereotypes contain a grain of truth, and that’s why they exist.” The stereotype of the white man could never truly appear in this country until the white man is in the minority, until the status quo is no longer centered around him and his values. Why?

Because he could never bear to see himself for what he once was, and for what one grain of his being still is, and will always be. As long as he owns the soul of the world, he’ll never, ever have to.