There’s room in my life
I’m not crowded in
I move around freely
I always win

I have lots of time
I have lots of space
I have lots of stuff
I set my own pace

I have all my words
And my pictures too
I have rooms for music
And for my purview

There’s light and there’s heat
A tap, cold and hot,
That run like the wind
Something I do not

I have a big bed
Hi-fi and the tube
Two chairs and a sofa
Inside of my cube

No one to bug me
No sound in my sight
I’m never unhappy
I don’t have the right

Despite all my havings
It isn’t enough
In my mind or body
Like I have it rough

But my life is gravy
When it all satisfies
Beholden to no one
On me no one relies

Could it be too easy?
Could life be a waste?
Without any problems
Or none that I faced

I know I’ll continue
To go, drive, and read,
To see the world beside me
With everything I need

Everything I need all right
Everything I need
To see the world beside me
Happy if unsightly
To whom as well I might be
Growing like a weed.