The only reason people apply labels to generations is so that the younger one can ridicule the older one for being out of touch and the older one can ridicule the younger one for being hotheadedly optimistic. If only people could be judged as individuals, there would be no generational friction in the form of “the grand old order versus fresh new ideas.” Similarly, there’d be no need for an individually distinct group within its respective generation to fear the treachery of its fellow groups when it decides the ideas of “the enemy” might actually contain a grain of validity.

The only way to attain this ideal, the judgment of the individual citizen, is for the systems and conventions that comprise our society to cease dictating the styles and trends which come to define each generation. There must be a rise of the individual from within the collective society, one who decides and determines his tastes, passions, and aspirations entirely on his own. He must leap from a speeding train; he must grasp a perpetually burning flag in both hands, and tear it to shreds. He must see himself, not as a shard from a broken mirror that reflects the horrid system back at itself, but as a black rock, invisible in night or in day against the black backdrop of undefined reality.

He must, in a word, be free.

But, is freedom possible? [ACTUAL SUBJECT OF THIS “ESSAY”] Maybe I’ll come back to this later, if I have the time.