This is the first recorded episode of my radio show, Space Patrol, in its one-hour format. The well-intentioned babe who preceded me, Nataliya, noticed my microphone level was too high and whipped down the volume, which reduces my monologue to a mere whisper within a sea of towering horns and synths. But at least you get the “Satan’s muffins” line.

Here is a link to the playlist of the program; note that I was on someone else’s time, hence my music starts around 2/3s of the way down with the DJ Shadow song, “Drums of Death.”

Space Patrol airs every Friday night at 10:00 pm EST on 90.3 WMSC Upper Montclair NJ, and

Space Patrol features prog rock, krautrock, space rock, stoner metal, folk, hiphop, soundtrack, electronica (like the Shadow that starts this episode), and the occasional classical nugget.

I, Rockwood, host of Space Patrol, can be reached at

Listen, and BURN (more episodes to come)