20161001_153619-alteredMark Rockwood Ludas is an accomplished writer, actor, musician, voiceover talent, YouTuber, political activist, and personal fitness trainer. A published short fiction author, Mark maintains numerous blogs and writes on diverse subjects, including social commentary, the gender binary, high-intensity interval training, ideology critique, film criticism, materialist philosophy, leftist politics, antioxidants, Millennials, veganism, and Waka Flocka Flame.

He is currently writing a book about student activism and a feature-length screenplay, his second.

Mark holds a degree in English from Montclair State University. While a student at Montclair State, Mark hosted “Space Patrol,” a freeform radio show dedicated to international prog-rock bands from countries such as Chile, Japan, Bahrain, Germany, Egypt, Kurdistan, and Greece.

As an actor, Mark has appeared in very short films, student films, an animated webseries, and the odd auto dealership commercial, as well as his own YouTube videos. He is currently appearing in a supporting role in the scripted webseries, “Jungle Juice” (in production), produced by GalXShe Media.

For the sake of the animals, Mark maintains a strict vegan diet and as close to a vegan lifestyle as he can. Politically, he is a revolutionary socialist who believes in and looks forward to the overthrow of the capitalist social order and financial system. If asked about religion, he identifies as a materialist, which is like an atheist but better.

Mark believes that thoughts, feelings, intentions, and desires have no intrinsic value unless they lead to action of some kind. Not that they are weak or pathetic or useless; like a beam of sunlight, they can be pretty to look at, and life could be pretty empty without them. But it is the manner in which they inspire us to act that actually gives them concrete value.

The same holds true of human life. It possesses no intrinsic value. Its value is determined only by what material changes we introduce into our environment, including the ways in which we influence one another. Mark bases his life around this principle, and is always looking for ways to do more.