At a certain point, no song or movie, short story or philosopher’s correct opinion about how to live can save you from the seemingly inevitable: that in this life, we are all destined to be unknown and unimportant to the vast majority of humanity. In order to survive, we must gear up for a lifetime of drudgery, our truest internal gifts being recognized only insofar as they facilitate that drudgery, and kowtow to a society whose values directly contradict our own sense of right and wrong. We are raised to believe we can be and do whatever we want, but soon are forced to learn that “life is unfair,” “life is tough,” “life is a compromise.” In a life that begins with an act of force to which I gave no consent (birth), why must the remainder of that existence be dictated by rules to which I have similarly given no consent? The obvious solution is to fight them, resist them, hinder them at all costs. Even the cost of sanity? If sanity is a hallmark of corruption by society, maybe it is a divestable commodity. And recognition? To achieve it would be to benefit from the structures in society that I hate, so perhaps “insanity” would solve that problem, too, since it would divest me of any care for what other people think of me.