It’s occurred to me recently that nothing in the world that seems important actually is. A few days or months after any huge event in the world–like the World Cup, the BP oil spill, healthcare reform–it will be passed, over with, and it will be in the past, a memory, separated from reality by all the emotions that went with it. And then those emotions will fade, the vividity will carry through, and the events will be relegated to the bin of “experiences,” things done in this life that were important at the time and are now behind us. No matter what happens in this world, no single experience or event actually makes a difference. Any changes in society are due to the lessons that we learn as a result of that experience. But as the event passes farther and farther back into the riptide of history, do the lessons become more acutely learned? It’s not clear. So what actually means anything? The fact that experiences have no meaning unto themselves? Or that the meaning has no effect on us?