I’m waiting for proof of what I know
That you are there
Waiting for me
Dreaming with open eyes
Seeing strangers who love you in doorways
Waiting to feel your heart beat
See your hands drift
The flesh move in your face
When you smile, frown, cry, laugh, swoon, burn, ache, revel
When you carry yourself one way,
And then another

You are there taking pictures of a passion,
For the eyes of that forlorn stranger
Who wants only to see them,
Know them,
Hold them in his pocket for when you are away
To be beside you, in them, framed above a doorway.

I know that you have seen me,
Sitting at a table,
A heart beside itself with drifting flutters,
But a hand sturdier than bone beside yours
With nothing on my lips but hope,
Nothing inside but fire
Rising to the surface like light
To illuminate your body from below…

A hand upon your heart,
You wait and wonder, I know.