I just bought a radical new stainless steel frying pan with no non-stick coating on it. Last night, when I was making some of Rick Bayless’s slammin Braised Mexican Short Ribs with Arbol Chiles, White Beans, Mushrooms, and beer, (http://www.markludas.highpowersites.com/cooking.html), cooked the chiles themselves in this pan after giving them a quick roast in my Dutch oven. And man, this pan was the shiz-NITE! I was trying to roast em, burn em, blacken, crispy em up, and I’ve been stuck with non-stick for a while so I was pleasantly surprised when my NON non-stick just DID it for me. The damn things were damned near perfect.

I bought the stainless wonder at Kohl’s, and the frying pan market is completed SOAKED with non-stick. Sure, it is easier in many cases, and perhaps healthier as well, reducing the need for oils and fatses to grease the pan. But it seems like just another rectangular eyeglass lens: it’s the thing that everyone wants because it’s the only FRIKKIN thing available. Or almost only. I guess maybe The People are saying, “You best be offerin mad amounts of non stick pans, or we’ll take our hard-earned dollars elsewhere, hear?” But I’m not so sure. And guess which display, or rather Hutch, is the largest? The Food Network. Did anyone else read that great albeit deeply irritating article in the New York Times Magazine about food-related TV? Dig: Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch

Anyhow, the non-nonstick pan is a simple marvel. And I can scratch it and scrape with damn SHARKSKIN if I want to, it’s made for that. YEAH!